This page will tell you how to sprinkle your article with photos, as in the Cribbage article.

Upload the picture

If the picture you want to include isn't yet in Willipedia's Image list, you'll need to upload it.

  1. To ensure a smooth upload, ensure your photo is a reasonable size. If you open it up with whatever photo program you use, and a zoom of 100% lets you count nose hairs, it's probably too big. The software recommends a size limit of 140 KB; 400KB is as high as you should go. Most image programs have resize features to help you out.
  2. Visit the Special:Upload page (it may ask you to log in first).
  3. Select the image from your computer, and give it a unique Destination name. It's a good idea to include the approximate date, e.g., "Jimmy getting funky at Bhangra After-Party - May 2006.JPG")
  4. Add any additional notes in "summary."
  5. Click "Upload file."

Adding a picture to an article

You have a lot of options when it comes to placing the image in the article. You can specify a side of the page for it to go on, its size, and a caption to appear with it.

For the impatient: just put something like this in the article:
[[Image:Mountain Day 2003 kite flier.jpg|thumbnail|right|Caption goes right here.]]

If that looks confusing, read on.

In the line of text, fullsize

The basic link to an image places the picture in the line of text, at its full size, without a caption. The basic link looks just like an article link, only with the prefix "Image:":

[[Image:Only5aday.jpeg]] produces Only5aday.jpeg

This can be OK for small diagrams, but is ugly for photos and other article garnish. Most of the time, you'll want to use the simple, but very elegant, features below.

On a side of the page

You can make a picture stick to the right or left side of the page using a link like this:

[[Image:Only5aday.jpeg|right]] produces

See how the top of the picture is at the line where we put the link, but the picture is on the right side of the screen, and the text of this article wraps neatly around it? This is probably the effect you'll want most often. To have it stick to the left instead, just replace right with left.

As a captioned thumbnail

The lovely ladies of Dance Dhamaka.

Most of the time, you won't want to put the whole picture directly into the article, but just a captioned thumbnail that links to the full version. This is quite easy:

[[Image:Perfomance Day April 2006.jpg|thumbnail|The lovely ladies of [[Dance Dhamaka]].]] produces the image at right.

"thumbnail" tells the program to create a default-size thumbnail to put in the article. You can pick your own size instead by replacing thumbnail with 200 px or another size. Last comes the caption, which can be any text and can include links to other articles -- just be careful with your brackets.

Into an info box

If you want to include a photo in the "info box" on a group page, just add something like this to the info box:

| image = Jimmy getting funky at Bhangra After-Party - May 2006.JPG

And it'll show up just below the group's name.