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Hey guys,

I really don't have the time to put this together at the moment, but if someone with some time on their hands could really put some time into this, I'll work more on it in the future, AND I'll owe you one. (Log into Willipedia with your e-mail unix/password to edit)

It'd be great to have a comprehensive list about stuff. I've started with just a few, and would like to have it alphabetical. If anyone wants to change the format, that's cool. -Will Slack

For Questions on:

Events - Funding:


Events - Planning:

Ellen Rougeau, Campus Life Assistant

Office of Campus Life: Paresky Center, Rm 219

Ellen.D.Rougeau@williams.edu, 413-597-2546

(Name of knowledgeable student willing to take e-mails with queries - Add yourself!)

Financial Aid:

Office of Financial Aid 413.597.4181

(Name of knowledgeable student willing to take e-mails with queries)

Travel Fellowships:

Lynn Chick Fellowship Coordinator 413-597-3044