ID card

Your ID card is a nifty little sliver of plastic. One side is yellow (if you're a student) and features the shell-shocked photo taken of you during First Days, your name, and your SU box number. The other side is white and has two magnetic strips.

You can:

  1. swipe into all dorms except co-ops (unless you are a resident of said co-op)
  2. swipe into class buildings and Paresky after hours (most aren't 24/7 though)
  3. put money on your card to
    • do laundry
    • buy a meal from a dining hall if you are out of meals for the week
    • buy snacks from certain (all?) vending machines around campus
  4. put your card on the Beirut table to save your place in the queue

If you lose your ID card, go to Security in the basement of Hopkins Hall. The replacement charge is $10.

The one thing you need when walking around campus is your ID. Especially if you're going to First Fridays, because the hosts gotta see that yellow to let you in.