Images Cinema

Images Cinema is Williamstown's only movie theater, if you don't count Bronfman Auditorium. Located on Spring Street next to the Red Herring, the movie house is independently owned (and non-profit) and frequently shows independent movies. It is notable for its large selection of popcorn condiments. They'll usually show a movie at 7 and the same movie at 9 or 9:15, although there are matinees on the weekends. The famous Twofer Tuesday, perhaps Williamstown's cheapest date at $5 total, was recently reconceived as the Half-off Tuesday, so you no longer need a date to get the discount. This has not cooled support for establashing a "Third-Wheel Thursday," whereby three tickets would be sold for the price of two.

Since Williams gives pretty substantial support to Images, Williams students get a 50% discount on tickets: $5 each, and $2 on Tuesdays.

Images is a non-profit theater and relies heavily on volunteers to help run the day-to-day business. Volunteers sell concessions, clean the theater, and help out at special events such as birthday parties. Most volunteers only work one or two shows a week, but all get free admission to movies. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer should contact Ruth, the Box Office Manager.