Inyang self nom

ALL OR NOTHING!!! I stand by these words in everything I do and as the All-Campus Rep (Minority Concerns) I will embodied “all or nothing” in any project, debate, or committee that I am apart of on your behalf. My name is Ifiok Inyang and I am a sophomore and the Currier At-Large Rep on College Council. In addition, I am the Baxter Fellow for Currier Hall and a first generation American. Some would say that being the youngest of five kids, who were born from Nigerian parents, would mean that I am used to getting what I want. Rather, I know that it only means that I am used to fighting for what I need. As the All-Campus Rep (Minority Concerns) I intend to fight for the needs of all students, especially minorities. That being said, I understand that at Williams College it is harder to simply point out who is a minority and even harder to decipher what all of their concerns might be. I say this because I intend to represent all minority concerns whether they are racial, socio-economical, gender, student-athlete, sexual orientation, and any other concern that may come up. The playing field is diverse and complex and I feel that I have the experience, from being on CC in the fall, and the tools, being an outspoken advocate for change, to work with CC and the college in order to accomplish our goals.

I understand that this will not be easy so I do not intend to do this alone. I plan on using every resource, especially student feed back, to make sure our needs are being heard and met. My first order of business is to continue to foster and develop a mentoring system for students who might need some extra attention during there college experience. By using the outstanding faculty and staff that we have here at Williams College, I want to bridge the gap between students and staff so that student-athletes, students of color, and first generation college students know where to turn to for help or just friendly advice. I believe that the key to success is teamwork, and as a member of the varsity football team, I understand the value of teamwork and its connection to success. All that said, I ask that you vote Ifiok Inyang’11 for All-Campus Rep with a focus on Minority Concerns because I believe in Williams College and I know that with just the right push we can claim Williams and take it to heights it has never seen.