Jake F. Manley

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During his four years at Williams Jake Manley '07 was a mild mannered art major by day, Praetorian Guard of WARP by night. He was best known for proposing in Driscoll in December of 2004 (though it didn't work out), making a giant and absurdly detailed map for the senior art show his junior year (2006), and using a little known AP-credit option to graduate early. Lesser-known achievements include a gallery opening in Laconia, NH, and being thrice-published in Dragon Magazine. He spent his last semester at Williams working for OIT and climbing through windows to visit friends.

He's painfully quiet, but still a nice guy. And he's got a kickass leather jacket. He finds editing his own page to change the outdated engagement information oddly solipsistic. And as the time stamp shows, he's a total insomniac.