Driscoll Dining Hall

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Known once for its dirtiness. See The Dirty D. Also known for the engagement of Jake F. Manley '07 and Suzanne C. Walsh '05 on December 1, 2004. Also also known for Driscoll Deviations.

Driscoll has a deli lunch every day, serving deli sandwiches, both cold and the hot sandwiches of the day. Driscoll also has a pasta chef every day at lunch to make wonderful and diverse pasta dishes.

Also notable are mini cinnamon buns at breakfast.

Driscoll is NOT the place to be eating dinner though. Unless you go for the social atmosphere, in which Driscoll is clearly superior to all other dining halls. It was once a much better place to eat for dinner, as it was once the location for Wednesday Orange Chicken night from Chopsticks as well as other nightly specials including Ben and Jerry's ice cream.