King self nom

Hello my name is Aven King. I am a Freshman Class of 2012! Yeah! And am running for Pratt House representative. I am thinking of majoring in Math but have an artsy side, I love to draw and paint. I’m from Colorado about 30 minutes from Denver in the mountains. I have some of that western overfriendliness, and no we are not all mountain men, though you can’t really avoid the outdoors there :-) I love to ski, but that is almost a given.

I am not your typical candidate, I wasn’t part of my Student Council, but I was very active in my school. I was president of multiple organizations (National Honors Society, Math Club) and was a representative in my schools Athletics Council. I worked with Student Council a lot to get projects and activities off the ground. My friend and I created the first Make a Difference Week for my school highlighting how important it is to get involved and create change in your community. I was also on the coordinating committee for the first Relay for Life at my school, which raised the most money in the state for a first year relay. I put together a tutoring program connecting middle school students to high school students for our National Honor Society. And with Athletics Council we worked to implant more school sprit by hosting a Car-bash against our rivals and a Bonfire for Homecoming week, and worked to raise money to improve fields and equipment for our school. Even without Student Council I have a lot of experience working with administrators and students to work out the “how to” of lots of projects.

Here at Williams I am Freshman Representative on the BSU, and Pratt 2 Representative for Freshman Council. I have had a great time serving both organizations and know that neither will impede on my duties on College Council.

I really want to be a part of College Council here at Williams, I see it as an opportunity to be more involved in everything that is going on around campus and to represent the Pratt House and Frosh in general. I am very friendly and outgoing, and love to listen to any opinions or ideas you want me to hear. I am here to talk to anyone, find me anywhere and unless I’m late to class, which I haven’t been yet, I’d be happy to chat. If I haven’t already met you I hope I will soon, you will find out that really I am this friendly. I hope you can take the time to vote for me to represent Pratt!