Lehman Board Application

Lehman Board Application The Lehman Council oversees the 40+ student volunteer groups here at Williams. We train group heads, administer financing, promote service on campus, sponsor campaigns to further discussions of social justice, create experiential education opportunities and support student working groups like the Tsunami, Hurricane and Earthquake Relief organizations. We have taken an active role in supporting the development of Where Am I and service trips during Dead Week and Spring Break. Lehman Council members have started programs including, most recently, Community Corps and the Winterization project. We work closely with Rick Spalding, Chaplain of the College, Sadie Miller of AmeriCorps/VISTA and Sara Ansell of the Campus Life Office and maintain the web site http://www.williams.edu/resources/commservice.

Membership on the Lehman Council lasts until graduation (although OK to study abroad) and represents a significant commitment to furthering service on campus. The application consists of three parts: a self-nomination, a letter of recommendation and an interview. We will complete our selection by the beginning of the Spring semester.

Self-Nomination: Please answer the following questions in 1 page:

1. Describe your most satisfying service experience. 2. Describe a time in which you demonstrated leadership. 3. If you could change anything about Williams, what would it be? (be specific)

Applications are due via email to 06arc_2@williams.edu or by mail to SU 2187, Building 6, by Wednesday, January 4.

Letter of Recommendation: Please have someone from the Williams community (student, faculty, staff) who knows you well and can attest to your leadership ability, commitment to service, and/or personal integrity write a letter of recommendation. They can email it to 06arc_2@williams.edu or mail it to SU 2187, Building 6, by Wednesday, January 4.

Interview: Members of the current Lehman Council will contact you to schedule an interview upon receipt of your application. We intend to conduct as many interviews as possible over Winter Study, although if you will be away it will be possible to interview during Dead Week or the first week of the Spring Semester.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 06arc_2@williams.edu. Thanks again for your interest, and best of luck!


Alan R. Cordova '06 President, Lehman Community Service Council