A completely unimportant title granted to a member of WARP who is not the Pope.

The office of Not-Pope was created when Jesse Dill, '04, then 'pope' of WARP, excommunicated himself. The office was handed over to a random dude whose name was found in an Akron, Ohio phonebook. In order to accommodate the new situation, Jesse re-christened himself as the Not-Pope. For the next several years, the 1st Not-Pope issued numerous random proclamations, signifying nothing in particular.

Before his graduation, Not-Pope Jesse passed the mitre to Katy Dieber, '07. She issued approximately one proclamation: the creation of the first Not-Cardinal of WARP (his not-eminence Hank Gerrard the "Not-Cardinal" Tojman). Her proclamations are advised and mostly-written by Sean Carollo, '07 ("The Guy with the Hat"), including this entry into this institution's store of knowledge.

In May of 2007, Katy passed the grave responsibilities of the Jessinian office on to Stephen Webster '10, though keeping some of the glory for herself. But she will pass on the mitre. Even if it's warm and nifty. It will indubitably be put to good use.

See also Hank Gerrard the "Not-Cardinal" Tojman, Sean A. Carollo '07, WARP , Stephen Webster