Novell NetWare

Know why it's on your computer

Assuming you have a PC, having Novell on your computer allows you to do some sweet things on the Williams network. For example, it allows access to files in your network folders, printing over the network, and running programs that would normally cost hundreds of dollars using the keyserver, and connect to other computers on the network to access their shared documents.

Things you don't need Novell for:

  • Connecting to the internet
  • Sharing music on iTunes

If you have a Mac

If you have Mac OS X, don't install the Netware client. It is very buggy and unstable. Instead, in the Mac OS X Finder, choose "Connect to Server..." from the "Go" menu, or hit Command-K and type in the name of a NetWare server (achilles is the student one). This allows you to connect and browse through to your folder (or anyone else's public folder) and access its contents.

Know the difference between your Windows password and your Novell password

When you start your computer, if Novell is installed, a window will pop up that asks you for your user name and password. There is also a little check box that says Workstation Only. If the Workstation Only box is checked, you will not log onto Novell, and you will only be asked for your personal computer's password. This is the username and password you had on your computer before Novell was ever around. If you didn't have a password before, you don't have one now.

If Workstation Only is NOT checked, then you ARE logging on to Novell. This username and password is your unix username and password, which is what you would use to check your email or log in to Blackboard. You will still be asked for your workstation (Windows) password, but only after you log on to Novell with the unix name and password.

Know when to log on to the network

If you are not at Williams, not connected to a jack by an ethernet cable, or you don't want to use any of the cool network stuff, check Workstation Only and don't log in to Novell.

If you are using a wireless card, check Workstation Only when you start your computer. To begin using wireless internet access, simply open up any internet browser, say Yes to the popup message about the security Certificate, and log in to the grey Cisco page with your unix (email/blackboard) name and password. Once you do this you can log into Novell if you want to be on the network. Do this by right clicking on the red N in your Quick Launch toolbar in the lower right corner of your screen and selecting "NetWare Login...".


Problem: Netware client cannot find the Williams tree or any netware server when it is freshly installed even if a previous installation worked fine and you provide it all the details.

Solution: In the netware client properties (right click on big red N) click on the "Service Location" tab (second tab from the front on the left). In the Scope List field add these two addresses: "" and "" (make sure you press add after typing it into the box). Do the same thing for the directory agent list. Done.