Physics Common Room

The Physics Common Room (officially, TPL 104, the "Ralph P. Winch Reading Room"; informally, the "PCR") is a student common space located on the first floor of the Thompson Physical Laboratories. Formerly a library, the PCR has been frequented by physics majors, Aristocows, members of the Moocho Macho Moocow Military Marching Band, WARPies, Sindarin-speakers, and other Odd Quad-types.


The room is dominated by an ancient wooden conference table cluttered with books, papers, fruits, water bottles, writing implements, and various toys. Student mailboxes and a shelf of old physics, math, chemistry, and GRE-prep books populate the east wall. The south wall has a large blackboard used for both academic work and student jokes, as well as a door to TPL 106. The west side of the room has couches, another bookshelf with course-related books, windows facing Eco Cafe, and part of WARP's board game collection. The north side, with windows facing Science Quad, has the rest of WARP's board game collection, as well as a refrigerator, coffee maker, assorted coffee and tea, electric kettle, sink, and dishes.

Physics Snacks and Crocball

The Williams Society for Physics Students hosts snacks every Thursday at 10 pm in the PCR. But if one partakes in snacks, one must play crocball - an intense, sadistic eight-minute game that may involve ultimate shame.