Publicizing events

Until the new Student Center is finished and all students are forced to pass through at least the mail room at least a couple times a week, traffic is not conentrated on any one point on campus. Online traffic is also not as concentrated on the WSO Blogs as some might think. These are all they various ways to let people know you have an event.

Best Places for Posters

Places where people eat are necessary:

Places people frequent are also good:

If you are advertising for classes, it's best to focus on dorms. In past years, sophomores lived in Mission and juniors in the Greylock Quad, but with Anchor Housing, those who hang posters will have to reevaluate these stereotypes. Now, Mission is a good place to advertise events for first-years, since many of them live there any many others go to the snack bar.

Second Tier Places


Methods to Avoid

  • WSO Blogs: Recently reorganized precisely because people were co-opting them with event announcements and publicity, in addition to lost and found, ride requests, etc.
  • Leaving posters up after the event has occurred. (Old posters are good for use as scrap paper, or for doing problem sets on the blank side.)