Ritmo Latino

Ritmo Latino is the student-led latin dance group on campus. It is widely known for dancing Rueda de Casino, a type of salsa traditionally danced in a circle. Ritmo was originally convened informally to perform for the vista convocation in 2005, but was officially founded in 2006 as a student-run organization. Ritmo is know to be more traditional, focusing on the Latin dances of Rumba Cubana and Bomba. However, today Ritmo strives to evolve and attempts to modernize other traditional Latin styles such as Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata, Salsa, and Joropo. For their Spring 2012 show, Ritmo continued to explore new styles of dance by experimenting with Samba, Lambada and Kizomba. Through dance practices and preparations for shows, Ritmo provides a fun and diverse energetic community offering support and guidance for members and non-members. Also, throughout the year Ritmo holds lessons for anyone in the community to come and learn their fun dances and latin culture.


Although Ritmo performs at various events throughout the school year, they formally have one full-length show in the fall (a benefit for the Berkshire Immigrant Center) and one in the spring.

Noche de Melodia (Fall 2010)

  1. Cumbia Columbiana [1]
  2. Merengue [2]
  3. Rueda de Casino [3]

All Grown Up (Spring 2011)

  1. Cumbia Columbiana
  2. Joropo
  3. Rumba/Rueda de Casino [4]
  4. Bachata [5]
  5. Salsa
  6. Merengue
  7. Salsaton

Noche de Melodia (Fall 2011)

  1. Rueda de Casino [6]
  2. Bachata [7]
  3. Merengue [8]

Y Porque Amor Combate (Spring 2012)

  1. Rumba [9]
  2. Bachata [10]
  3. Samba/Lambada [11]
  4. Merengue [12]
  5. Cumbia Mexicana [13]
  6. Salsa [14]
  7. Rueda de Casino [15]