South Asian Students Association

SASA is an organization for students with an interest in the politics, culture, and history of the countries in South Asia, particularly Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, the Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Tibet. The purpose for the organization is to provide a forum for discussion and interaction amongst members of the South Asian community on campus, as well as to foster an awareness and appreciation for South Asian culture amongst the Williams community at large.

SASA sponsors events such as an annual Diwali-Eid dinner, classical Hindustani vocal music, Bharat Natyam dance troupes, Bollywood movie nights, bhangra parties, and other various artists, performers, and guest lecturers. This year we hope to continue cultural events for the community while offering inter-group events, such as our weekly dinner meetings, for the simple purpose of getting to know each other. SASA welcomes students of all backgrounds and points of view.

SASA also features several honorary non-South Asians, some non-honorary non-South Asians, some fake South Asians, general wannabes (like Faisal Khan '11), and the one and only Sidhant Mehra. We meet sometimes in Paresky; you can tell we're meeting when the building starts to smell like a spice cabinet.