Gargoyle Society

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==[ History]==
In 1895 the founders of Gargoyle Society wrote, "The object of this organization shall be to discuss college matters, and take active steps for the advancement of Williams in every branch of college life and work, and to exert itself against anything which it considers detrimental to such advancement."
Gargoyle's commitment remains the same today. Every spring, Gargoyle elects several seniors and a few juniors based on self-nominations which demonstrate leadership capability and a strong commitment to improving Williams College. Past delegations of this honor society have been instrumental in founding the College Council, abolishing fraternities, and encouraging student input into administrative decisions by founding groups like the Committee on Undergraduate Life and the Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility. In 1997-1998, the 103rd delegation of Gargoyle founded the Williams College Debate Union and held two wildly successful debates in Chapin Hall; worked to increase students-faculty interaction through a series of forums and other events; and organized an internship fair to help acquaint students with possibilities for summer and post-graduate employment As Gargoyle seeks to integrate the concerns of alumni, administration, faculty, and students, it provides an essential link between the past and the present at Williams, perpetuating a forum for the discussion of long-range as well as contemporary issues.
==Famous Alumni==
* [ Tyler Dennett] (1904)
* [ Charles White Whittlesey] (1905)
* [[James Phinney Baxter '14]]
* [ Richard Helms '35]
* [ Whitney Stoddard '35]
* [ James MacGregor Burns '39]
* [ George Steinbrenner '52]
* [ Arne Carlson '57]
* [ Fay Vincent '60]
* [ William Finn '74]
* [[Stephen Lewis '60]] - [ President Emeritus of Carleton College]