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LISTSERV is the name of the [[listserver]] software run by [[OIT]]. LISTSERV mailing lists usually end in "-l" and are hosted at or (not; see [[Mailman]]).
LISTSERV lists are difficult to unsubscribe from because you may be subscribed with your "06eaw" [[Unix ID]]-style e-mail address; sending an unsubscribe e-mail to <email> </email> just won't work, since everything you send looks like it comes from "". These hard-to-leave lists usually end in "-l" and are hosted at or (not See also [[How to unsubscribe from a WSO list]].
# Go to [].
# If you already have a password for your 06eaw Unix ID-style e-mail address, go to step 6.
# If you don't have a password, or don't know if you have a password, click on "get a new LISTSERV password first".
# Ignore the intructions and enter your "" style e-mail address in the "E-mail address" box, and choose a new password. Enter it twice.