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==Auto-completing email addresses==
Many [[emailclients]] clients let you configure an LDAP server to act as your address book. This means you can search for someone's email address directly in your mail client, without having to use [[WSO Facebook]]. Here are the settings you'll need:
Use SSL: No
If you're writing a program and want to use the LDAP server to retrieve a person's first name, last name, and email address you'll want to use the search base "uid=$USER,o=williams,ou=people" (where $USERNAME is a person's [[Unix ID]]), and retrive the attributes "sn" (last name), "givenName" (first name), and "mail" (email address).
==Authenticating with LDAP==
Here are settings for authenticating checking the passwords of different types of users. Ideally, you can authenticate more than one type, but that will depend what kind of support your software has. Of course, if you are a true [[students with computer skills|badass]], you shouldn't be afraid to write your own extension to handle multiple LDAP settings. In all cases, you need to somehow substitute $USER with the name of the user that's logging in.
===Williams Students===