Forest tent caterpillars

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==More information==
* [ US Forest Service site]

==2006 Infestation==
* [ Map near Jesup]
===References to caterpillars in academic discussions===
* Paper presented in ARTH 405 on how the caterpillars were creating new public spaces by interrupting traditional pedestrian routes, and how the infested trees represented public art because they caused students and faculty who never knew each other before to gather around in order to collectively witness the unusual phenomenon.
|'''May 4'''||[ Helpful info] posted by Evan Miller. First discussion begun.
|'''May 3'''||[ Second discussion] initiated.
|'''May 8'''||[ Anti- and pro- caterpillar chalkings] appear.
|'''May 8'''||"[ LEVITATING CATERPILLARS AHHH!!!!!!]" discussion initiated.
|'''May 9'''||Email sent by Dave Fitzgerald, Horticulturist and Grounds Supervisor, clarifying the situation.