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Dining Services favorites
''But to do this right, you'd have to take notes on Driscoll. Which is weird.''<br>-- Allison Smith '07
'''Aunt Vicky's BBQ Beef Brisket:''' Making its first appearances at [[Driscoll]] in [[Fall 2004]] (avilable there only?), this is a hot roast beef melt barbecued brisket distinguished by the fried onions topping that you can only get on a dining services hot line. Served on a roll, and guaranteed to put you to sleep in your 1:10 lecture.
'''The Rachel:''' This gooey vegetarian alternative to the Reuben is known only at [[Dodd]] or [[Mission Dining Hall]]. Instead of corned beef, there is a single large portabello mushroom cap. Everything else remains the same.