Lambert House

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* “The back section of the house was brought from a house on School Street and was joined to the original house in the early years of the twentieth century. The original house ends at the step down next to the upstairs bathroom.”
* “When the Lamberts bought the house bin 1959 many of the neighborhood children thought that the house was haunted because of its dark color and because of the old woman who had lived there before them. Mr. Lambert’s first project after buying the house was for the family to scrape and paint the shingles. He chose a silver gray color because it reminded him of the shingle houses on Cape Cod, where the family used to vacation.”
* Original deed to the property on which [[Lambert House]] now stands.
* Document recording the transfer of [[Lambert House]] from [[K. Norm Lambert]] and [[Anna Elizabeth Lambert]] to Williams College, dated March 28, 1969.