Trivia Bonus Guide

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Audio Bonii
====Audio Bonii====
An audio hour bonus should be composed of 40-60 song clips on some kind of theme, of your choosing. A theme can either be related to involve similar lyrics, similar instrumentation, or the relation of a narrative (e.g., The Wizard of Oz audio), etc.. The length of clips can be variablevaried, but try to have each clip last a second or two; a series of half-second clips is usually unidentifiable by anyone.
While every audio bonus will bear the fingerprints of the creator(s), attempt to have a range of music for varying tastes. Make sure you have a distribution of popular music representing each of the last six decades, though you should emphasize the music of the last 15 years. Be sure to cover classic/current pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, country, indie/alt., and singer-songwriter folk.