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# Only streak sober. Streaking is not a shameful act and therefore should not need the influence of substances to convince you into doing it.
# Don't streak little kids. Parents would get angry.
# Don't streak anything with an inordanitely inordinately high risk of getting caught.
# Don't streak anything unworthy of getting streaked. Such events include sparsely populated events, unpopular events, things that have been streaked before and things that are unimaginative, eg. run-of-the-mill sporting events.
Shortly after Schow, 29 of the original 33 started in the bottom of Sawyer and navigated the labirynth that is our doomed library to streak all four floors and work up a sweat for the effort. We wish a warm goodbye to our outgoing seniors.
ESP: 100
===September 2006:===
The Springstreakers made a strong appearance at the freshmen Jamboree in Chapin Hall. Some estimated this was the group's largest streak ever, but most agree it was the boldest. The streak was made directly after [[Good Question]] and right before [[Combo Za]] performed.
ESP: 600
As of this year, the general Williams community has begun to expect that the libraries will be loudly toured by the unclothed near the end of each semester. The Fall 2010 streak made history when, for the first time, more women than men bared their bits in the name of Williams pride. The Williams Record did a lovely column about it [ here]. The Spring 2011 streak featured an exciting/horrifying escape from Security persons, who cornered the 60+ streakers with accusations of "It's all fun and games until someone gets upset!" as the Naked Ones were swiftly re-clothing themselves.
==Hazards of Springstreaking:==
Found on WSO [ WSO Discussion Thread]:
Samantha Demby, May 18, 2010
dear anonymous naked person who i accidentally tripped with my protruding chair on the third floor of sawyer:
i'm so sorry! i didn't see who you were or how you took the fall, but by the time i looked over you were sprawled out ass skyward. i really hope all pain was foreclosed by lovely library carpeting.
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