Dave Letzler

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Dave Letzler '06 (also known as "David" to his family and significant other, Katherine Bram '08 of [[Brandeis University]]) is a senior residing in [[Fitch]]. He hails from Baldwin, NY, a town on Long Island. He's was a prominent member of a number of campus organizations, including [[College Bowl]], [[Williams Trivia]], [[Elizabethans]], [[Chess Club]], [[Bridge]], the [[Literary Review]], and at times the Williams [[Democrats]]. He has was also been a member of [[Deviants]] for the past three yearsfrom 2003-2006.
== College Bowl Career Highlights ==
Team captain for the past three years, Letzler has been was the dominant player on the team for pop culture throughout his whole career, thus making him their best [[TRASH]] player. He's was probably been the strongest all-around literature player during that time, though [[David Rosenblum '03]] had more depth in many areas at the start of his career, and [[David Mathias '08]] has, at times, demonstrated superior breadth. He's was otherwise a solid generalist, excepting the applied sciences.
As a freshman, Letzler played in five tournaments in the 2002-2003 competition year. The first was [[TRASH]] Regionals at BU, where he led a small team in scoring and a 4-9 record against the steep and crusty competition, correctly answering questions about the Man Show Juggies, Pussy Galore, Tiffany's appearance in Playboy, and Shaft in Africa. He played a supporting role in Williams's 3rd-place finish in BU's [[Puppy Chow]] tournament, behind Harvard and Yale, and during the team's poor performance at [[Penn Bowl]], he managed to get a game-winning tossup on the Mustang Ranch. He, [[Daniel Klein '06]], and [[Evan Bick '06]] each placed in the top ten in scoring at [[NAQT]] Sectionals in February, earning a Division II Nationals berth. As Bick was unable to attend that tournament, Klein and Letzler joined captain Rosenblum at Nationals, where they came in 26th of 32 teams.