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Sushi Thai Garden
==Sushi Thai Garden==
Down Spring Street, great place for Thai food. They now serve excellent, if somewhat pricey, sushi!! Branch out beyond the usual Pad Thai - try the Tempura Soba Noodles or the Massaman Curry. Or get a ton of sushi in a boat. Try the beef satay or steamed pork dumplings as an appetizer - both are great.  Thai iced tea is a delicious beverage. Highly recommended.
For extra authenticity, don't say "Pad Thai" with an 'a' like in 'paddy'. It's more like a cross between the 'a' in father mixed with 'putt'.
Surprisingly inexpensive for lunch, and quite generous portions (at a higher price) for dinner. Biggest complaint: some of the staff can seem rude and abrupt, though this might be due to a language/culture gap. They've definitely improved their friendliness over the last three years.
Ask for chilli sauce and/or peanut sauce on the side.
== Water Street Grill ==