Combo Za

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A bunch of atheistic anarchists masquerading as "improv comedians", whose sole true purpose for existence is Bolshevik agitation and the dissemination of irreligious propoganda in the from of [[arachnobat|fugly bat-spider]] posters. Join me and John Birch in our courageous defence of the American Way by tearing down all such handbills on sight and recycling them.
It is also worth noting that == Combo Za is not funny. At all.presents Zalloween ==
It is further worth noting that we don't do that shit no more.''Friday October 27th 10pm at the Log'''
It Hell shall be unleashed. Beer will be sold. Improv Comedy will happen. People might die. ---- People could '''die'''. That's ''real''. Then they could come back. That isn't real, but it is henceforth worth noting that someone should BURN THEM! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!scary.
It is vis-a-vis worth noting that Combo Za cannot be killed, as it grows stronger with [[auditions|the addition of new members every fall]].
It is heretofore worth noting that new members will be put in a lottery... a death lottery.
It Combo Za is finally worth noting that seriouslycurrently:(07) Spike Friedman, we don't do that shit no moreMiles Klee,Annie Smith,Greta Wilson,(08) Sara Carian,Peter Schmidt,(09) Ruth Aronoff,Kaveh Landsverk,Zach Safford, (010) Jesse Gordon Combo Za has been:(06) Brendan, Lavonna, Travis, Cece, Sam, and John(05) Colin, and Ricardo(04) Sam...and other people goin back to 85
It is posthumously worth noting that [[arachnobat|Colin hates ]] you.