Overheard at Goodrich

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Overheard at Goodrich: The funny things one hears in Goodrich that deserve to be recorded
Overheard at Goodrich: the random and crazy things that one inevitably hears when lounging around in that cozy hangout we know and love.

Feel free to post anything (and everything) you hear. Be nice; keep the quoted anonymous. Purely for enjoyment... and procrastination.

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'''And they lived happily ever after...'''

Girl in Goodrich loft: "Cheap vodka is the difference between love and desire."

'''How I get my daily dose of cancer'''

Dissapointed GCB patron: "The regular yogurt doesn't have enough chemicals in it for my satisfaction..."

'''Freudian psychology explains everything'''

Girl #1: "This banana is disgusting!"

Girl #2: "That's because it's green."

Girl #1: "But it was so big..."

Enjoy! xoxo,

''Joya & Emily''