Odd Quad

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How the Odd Quad got its name is a mystery shrouded by time. In the 1970s it was known as the Sophomore Quad. Some (e.g., some campus [[tour guide]]s) say the moniker "Odd" arose simply due to having five dormitories (''i.e.'' an odd number). Others suspect it has more to do with the nature of the inhabitants, as the Odd Quad tends to be home to the campus's largest collection of freaks, geeks, nerds, and people who generally consider themselves to part of a Williams subculture of oddness. If you brought a cape to college "just in case," you're likely to fit in well there. (Cape-wearers are still a minority, but a slightly more visible one in this quad than elsewhere on campus.)
Odd Quadders tend to eat their meals in [[Driscoll Dining Hall]], the most convenient [[dining hallsDining Halls|dining hall]], located just off the southeast corner of the quad, next to Fitch and Prospect. Driscoll was known a few years ago for the [[Driscoll Deviations]], a popular series of [[pranks]] pulled during dinners by a large group of students that named themselves the [[Deviants]], after their own practice.
Some of the best features of the Odd Quad are the [[Currier ballroom]], which features arguably the best (if the most beer-soaked) [[pianos|piano]] on campus outside of the [[Bernhard Music Center|music building]]; the roof of the observatory, which has a truly lovely view; and the perfect-for-snowball-fights [[Eyes sculpture]] located on the western side of East, in front of the [[Williams College Museum of Art]].