Students with automotive skills

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Get Parking Tickets
[[Charlie Giammattei]], who left his car in front of [[Bryant]] House in 2005 for four days, incurring TEN tickets from [[security]]. He then claimed to [[Dave Boyer]] that the car was broken and he had taken it to [[Flamingo Motors]] for repairs. Dave Boyer knew Charlie's car was American-made and Flamingo only deals with foreign-made vehicles. Somehow, Charlie managed to graduate without ever settling up with Security.
[[Toby Hall]] 2 tickets at the [[Greylock Dining Hall|Greylock]] parking trap, 1 in NYC, from a meter-maid who was waiting by the car until expiration, 1 outside of [[Weston]] for being an idiot and parking overnight because he had forgotten where he left his car.
[ Dave Kleinschmidt '09] thought it would be cute to part a [[Junior Advisor|JA]]'s car as close to Fay as possible, which was inside the then-removed vehicle-blocking metal posts, thus earning a parking ticket upon emerging from the dorm less than 10 minutes later.