Driscoll Deviations

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The [[Driscoll]] Deviations were a series of [[pranks]] performed, unsurprisingly enough, by the Driscoll [[Deviants]], a group of students who felt that dinnertime at Williams needed the occasional bit of lightening up. Most of the Deviations took place between 2002 and 2004, the first on April 10, 2002.
Notable Deviations included:
*'''Formal Dinner Night''', in which students arrived in full evening attire and were served by volunteer waitstaff.(Driscoll Deviation #1 -- 4/10/02)*'''Big Hair Night''', where you came with "big hair" or "bad hair" or anything but normal hair (Driscoll Deviation #2 -- 4/18/02)*'''Pajama Night''', in which students also arrived in "evening attire."*'''Wild West Night''', which featured water guns, bandanas, atrocious cowboy accents, a sing-along of the theme from "Rawhide," and a pseudo-genuine stringing-up of outlaws.(Deviation #5-- 5/8/02) *'''Fairy Tale Night''', at which princesses, ogres, fairies, mermaids, and vampires frolicked as children's stories were read.(Driscoll Deviation #3 4/25/02)
*'''70's Disco Night''', where half of Driscoll got down to the Village People and KC and the Sunshine Gang.
*'''Iron Chef''', at which two teams of cooks made haste to concoct culinary creations that were sometimes disgusting, sometimes phallic, but always inventive.
*'''Rejected Super Heros Night''', where many lesser known heroes emerged in all their ignominy.(5/16/02)*'''Odd Takes [[Dodd Dining Hall|Dodd]]''', the only Driscoll Deviation to take place in a [[dining hall]] other than Driscoll. Some residents of [[Dodd House|Dodd]] swore they'd never forget the moment when an army of pirates, ninjas, and Vikings bearing large [[bopswording|duct-tape swords]] invaded their previously peaceful home.(Deviation # 4 -- 5/1/02) *'''Goth Night,''' Where the freshmen were actually kind of freaked out by vampires and corset inspired fashion. (9/26/02)
*'''Gods and Goddesses''', a kind of rite of the spring of 2005 that the heavens surely smiled upon.
*'''Thrift Store''', an event held September 24th 2005 inspired by the recent [[ABC sale]] which took students to the backs of their wardrobes to assemble ensembles tacky enough to fit in.
*'''Future Investment Bankers of America''' in which the odd gave their take on preppy.
The Deviants still maintain a [[listserver]] (<email></email>) which is used to organize entertaining and odd activities on campus, and . Driscoll Deviations, though less common than in years past, occur one or two times per semester.
== See also: == * Anna's photo site at for pictures of [ Gods and Goddesses], [Deviants Preppy Night], and [ Thrift Store].