Hammock spots

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== Currier Quad ==
There are two pines with hooks between [[East]] and the old [[Hopkins Observatory]]. Behind [[Fitch]] near the BBQ is another pair of trees with hooks. Behind [[Fay]] by the stairs that go down towards the hockey rink there are two trees on that slope that get sun no matter what time of day.
== Dodd Quad ==
== Frosh Quad ==
The trees and the fence at the western edge of the [[frosh quadFrosh Quad]], near the grills, are perfectly spaced for a hammock. Probably the most consistently sunny spot, especially in the afternoon.
== Greylock Quad ==
== Mission Park ==
There are a number of trees near the [[Haystack Monument]] (especially on the [[Dodd House|Dodd]] side) that are suitable. Sometimes a bit shady for early- or late-season hammocking. There are also a number on the hill going down to Mission from Paresky, specifically on the Haystack Monument side of the path.
== Sawyer Lawn Quad ==
A few trees can be made to work over by the [[First Congregational Church]]. The trees are a little too thick, and it loses sun in the afternoon.
I’ve seen some people hook their hammock up to a pole and a tree by the marble blocks. Seemed sketchy but worth a shot for prime hammock real estate.
== Science Quad ==
The tree directly accross from [[Morgan]] is probably the best place to hammock on campus.