Anchor housing

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Freshmen will live in entries loosely affiliated with Neighborhoods while all upperclassmen and most off-campus seniors picked into and are now living in one of the four neighborhoods.
The current student leaders are:
'''[[Currier Cluster|Currier]]'''
Michael Davitian, President
Andy Stevenson, Community Liaison
David Rogawski, Treasurer
Theresa Ong , Historian
'''[[Wood Cluster|Wood]]'''
President: Dave Turner
Community Liaison: Rachel Ko
Treasurer: Jon Prigoff
Hisotrian: Daniel McKenna-Foster
'''[[Dodd Cluster|Dodd]]'''
Community Liaison: Greg Walker
Treasurer: Peter Nurnberg
Historian: Alexandra Hoff
President: Noah Smith-Drelich
'''[[Spencer Cluster|Spencer]]'''
Chris Upjohn- President
Toni Kraeva- Treasurer
Ted Wiles- Community Liaison
Amari Richardson- Historian
The [ CUL website] currently contains a member list, links to previous CUL reports, and a feedback form. There are also minutes from some of the subcommittee meetings. In addition, there is a CUL listserv maintained by WSO: <email></email>. Students are encouraged to send feedback, comments, and suggestions to the CUL via the web form, this e-mail address, or by editing [[Stuff the CUL should do]].
[[Faculty Associates and Affiliates]]
One of the assets of the anchor housing system is increasing opportunities for student-faculty interaction. Though the neighborhoods will be largely student-run, they will also receive some assistance from a small number of faculty associates in conjunction with the Office of Campus Life. In addition, every faculty member on campus will be affiliated with one of the four residential neighborhoods, and have the opportunity to participate in some neighborhood activities.
==Current student leaders==
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! Cluster || President || Treasurer || Community Liason || Historian
| [[Currier Cluster|Currier]] || Michael Davitian || David Rogawski || Andy Stevenson || Theresa Ong
| [[Dodd Cluster|Dodd]] || Noah Smith-Drelich || Peter Nurnberg || Greg Walker || Alexandra Hoff
| [[Spencer Cluster|Spencer]] || Chris Upjohn || Toni Kraeva || Ted Wiles || Amari Richardson
| [[Wood Cluster|Wood]] || Dave Turner || Jon Prigoff || Rachel Ko || Daniel McKenna-Foster