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Morgan is an atypical late 19th c. free adaptation of motifs from European medieval architecture. It doesn't have a specific style, although there may be a bit Jacobean in the gables. Marianna Griswold Van Renssalaer, probably the best critic of American architecture in her day, thought that Morgan Hall looked like a promising new direction in American architecture. The architect J.C. Cady, did many famous structures in his day including the old Metropolitan Opera House. Rumor has it the Gargoyle on the building was put there to scare away Amherst students.
Morgan sits in the heart of urban Williamstown on the corner of Spring and Main Street. It commands a strategic position on campus offering a wonderful view on the upper floors. It has four vertical entries: Morgan West, Midwest, and East (if you wonder how people know whether they are in "East or "Mideast," they have given the walls various color shades ). Morgan rooms come in various arrangements, some are part of a small suite; others are off a hall and across from each other. The bathroom situations vary, but in general are shared by a small number of floor-mates. Morgan is right off the Science Quad, The Computer Center and across from the Gym and Student Center.
Morgan is home of the only two gargoyles on campus, which legend says are placed there to scare away Amherst.
A portion of the building was damaged by fire and repaired in 1904-05.
Morgan House was renovated in the summer of 2006, and resulted in the end of vertical entries, as well as the end of entries-- Morgan is now entirely an upperclassmen dorm. In addition to the ski-lodge main common room in the basement, Morgan has brand new piping and windows to make it one of the most environmentally friendly buildings on campus.
While the rooms and bathrooms are nicely renovated, the lack of common rooms in Morgan is a downfall. The entire fourth floor shares a single common room. Morgan's kitchen though, is quite frankly phenomenal. (But please, stop stealing our furniture. No, seriously.)
Morgan House also has a history of ridiculously goodlooking residents, with this tradition beginning in the fall of 2006.