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* [[Evan Miller]] '06
* [[Brent Yorgey]] '04
==Stuff for the Willipedia Board to do==
If you are not busy, try one of these fun things yourself.
*Keep an eye on [[Special:Recentchanges|Recent changes]]. Look at the edits people have made and fix spelling, take out inappropriate content, and beautify right away.
*Read the [[Willipedia:Policies|policies]], learn them, and then read through [[Special:Random|random pages]] to make sure they're in line and fix them when they're questionable.
*Check out [[Special:Specialpages|Special Pages]], linked from the top right corner of every Willipedia page. There's a lot of stuff there to do.
**Fun stuff
***[[Special:Wantedpages|Wanted pages]]. What articles do a lot of pages link to, but aren't written yet? Start writing.
***[[Special:Unusedimages|Unused files]]. Find pages to put the pictures on, and stick 'em in. Pages with pictures are prettier.
**Nit-picky stuff
***[[Special:BrokenRedirects|Broken redirects]]. Lots of pages to fix and create.
***[[Special:Doubleredirects|Double redirects]]. Just change it to link directly where it's supposed to go.