Science Quad

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[[Image:Frisbee on Science Quad 2006.JPG|left|thumb|Students playing frisbee and relaxing on the science quad]]
The [[Math]], [[Physics]], [[Biology]], [[Chemistry]], [[Computer Science]], [[Geosciences]] and [[Psychology]] departments have their headquarters in the science quad. Most classes, labs, and professors' offices for these departments are held or housed in the science quad. Occasionally the science quad classrooms will be used for another discipline; this often occurs with [[Wege Auditorium]], as it is a good place to hold large classes.
At 8:55, 9:55, and 10:55 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the science quad is a busy place as students come and go to 50-minute math and science classes. It is especially busy at 10:55 as students rush to the [[Eco-Cafe]] before their [[Breakfast points|breakfast points]] run out at 11.