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[[Category:Computers]][[Category:Guides]]Email is a great thing. It allows you to write to people very far away, very quickly. It was invented 5000 years ago by God along with the rest of the universe, and came into popular use in the mid to late 1990s.
==The Unix ID==
==Ways to check your e-mail==
At Williams, there are several ways to check your e-mail. Those with personal computers should consider setting up an [[Email client]]. ===Webmail===[[Image:Picture 2.png||left||thumb||Mirapoint's Full Version Interface]]Beginning in Fall 2007, OIT implemented Mirapoint into the college's email system. It currently has a Full Version and a Light Version, the main difference is that Full Version has more frames and shiny graphics than the light version.   Accessible only through the URL: [].  As of May 2008, Mirapoint is still in its testing stages. A major memory upgrade occurred during Reading Period of Spring 2008 in an attempt to speed up the server, mainly after "Cannot complete process: Server too busy" errors showed up.
IMP (or equivalently, Webmail) is the way most students at Williams check their e-mail these days, since they have grown up with Web-based e-mail.
IMP stands for Internet Mail Protocol. The software was written by a Williams student, way back in the day. Few people know this. This is probably why Williams webmail runs on IMP rather than something else. There are two equivalent ways is one way to check your mail with a web browserthrough IMP: [] and []. Most people have a strong preference for one or the other, though they are fundamentally the same.
This web-based interface works better than the command-line interface for attachments, but sometimes it mysteriously goes down, while [[Email#PINE|PINE]] remains up. Therefore, it is handy to know how to use both systems, so that you can both send attachments and check your e-mail even when others can't.