Common courtesy

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Cell phones: people with cell phones are unbelievably obnoxious
====Cell phones====
# Before entering a classroom, a library, a concert, a lecture, a play, or a movie, put your cell phone on vibrate. PLEASE. (How about just turn it off or silence it completely? You can't answer it, why should you care if it's ringing?)
# If you are in the library and feel the need to talk to someone on your cellphone, have your conversation in an area where people aren't studying nearby. Also refrain from having loud, long conversations with other people while in the library when people are trying to study around you.# Don't leave your cell phone on a table and then walk away. If it rings or vibrates, it will bother everyone.#* I assert full rights to throw any cell phone noisly abandoned thusly into the nearest trash can (or perhaps the recycling bin, for the aluminum).# If you are in a dark space with others, such as a movie, don't text-message. The light from the screen is bright and very obnoxious.
====Public performances====