Mission Park

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''This article contains information about the residence houses and spaces in the Mission complex. Were you looking for information about the [[dining hall]] located in Mission? See [[Mission Dining Hall]].''
Mission Park consists of 4 houses put together to form one huge ugly award-winning concrete monstrosity. The 4 houses are [[Armstrong House|Armstrong]], [[Pratt House|Pratt]], [[Mills House|Mills]] and [[Dennett House|Dennett]]. It looks like a dungeon (or parking garage, depending on whom you ask) from the inside, a cinder block from the outside, and (reportedly) a phoenix from above. However, since the [[Summer 2003]] renovations, it's extremely nice on the inside, featuring large, well furnished lounges for every four hallways, and general lounges on the ground floor with two televisions, two pool tables, and an old but still awesome foosball table. Many people also think Mission is attractive from the outside, especially when you are walking down mission hill and can see Mission Park with the mountains in the background. The effect can be quite stunning.
The complex's class make-up has changed over the years. When it was initially built in the early 1970's, it had a mix of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. From the 1980's until Spring 2006, the vast majority of Mission was sophomore housing; beginning in Fall 2006, Mission will be exclusively first-year housing.