Stuff CC has done

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Class of '08 reps: spelling and Tyler "House" not "Hall"
[[Remington Shephard]]:
#worked to improve [[BnG]]'s relationship to College Council,
#looking to ameliorate the high prices and college's interesting relationship to [[Waterstreet Water Street Books]],
#worked on the sophomore schmooz-a-palooza.
[[Scott Beattie]]:
#helped get a printer in [[Tyler HallHouse|Tyler]]
#is looking into getting basketball hoops there as well.
[[Tim Geoffrion]]:
#working with [[Joyce Foster]] shaping the renovated peer tutoring program – next year the program will be changed to help students with general study skills including writing in addition to tutoring in specific classes,
#met with several administors aout administrators about getting more summer fellowship oppurtunities opportunities for div 1 and 2 students.
[[Jon Stone]]:
#has been meeting with [[Buildings and Grounds|BnGB&G]] to try and get bulk ice machines in each of the clusters as well as DVD players and TVs in locations that currently don't have them on campus.
[[Zach Thomas]]:
#got [[Buildings and Grounds|BnGB&G]] to cover the public sprinklers that previously didn't have protective cages to prevent accidental activation and met with Joe Moran to achieve this.
[[Matt Simonson]]: