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[[Aroop Mukharji]]:
#FYFA- Came up with name, and idea of an '09 weekend. Took idea to FroshCouncil, they added event options and we ended up with four events (two werecombined). a.) frosh quad bbq with b.) game night. c.) pool party and d.)all-campus party at wood. Committee head of the Pool Party.#Food in Schow-- talked to Bob Volpi about extended hours ofEco-café.. that would be impossible b/c because of the need for staffing so instead wegot a really really sweet coffee machine worth more than my (Aroop's) life. I am alsoplanning on talking to him in the fall '06 about better food in the vendingmachine.#Work in progress-- [[Spring street]] carnival (with suraSuranjit Tilikawardane '07)