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Winter study internships
=== [[Mexico City Internship Program]] ===
== [[Winter Study]] Internships ==
Winter study is a great time to get an internship for credit. Some that have been offered in recent years:
==== [ Berkshire Farm Center Internship] ====
A field placement at Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth in Canaan, New York. Berkshire Farm Center is a residential treatment facility for troubled, at-risk adolescent boys who have been remanded to the Farm by the Family Court. These youths come primarily from lower socio-economic strata, are very ethnically diverse, and hail from both urban and rural areas throughout New York State. The problems that they bring to Berkshire Farm are multiple. These include: the psychological scars of dysfunctional families, including those of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; chemical dependency; juvenile delinquency; inability to function in school settings; and various other issues. Residential treatment is a multi-modal approach that includes anger-replacement training, social skills training, and behavioral modification.
==== [ Teaching Practicums in New York City Schools] ====
Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors who are interested in working in public schools or charter schools in New York City. Participants will be expected to pursue a full day's program of observing, teaching, tutoring and mentoring in their choice of more than 20 different school situations in NYC from elementary through high school. Each of the participating schools will have a resident supervisor who will meet with the January interns to arrange individual schedules and to provide mentoring during the month.
==== [ Medical Apprenticeship] ====
Apprenticeships are arranged in two distinct ways: some students live on campus and are matched with a local practitioner, while others make independent arrangements to shadow a distant professional. The expectation is that each student will observe some aspect of medicine for the better part of the day, five days per week. In recent years, students have shadowed physicians, veterinarians, dentists, nurses, and public health experts.
==== Teaching Internship at Mount Greylock Regional High School ====
Students are paired with a teacher at MGRHS in a subject of their interest (math, English, art, etc.) in a grade of interest (seventh through 12th) and assist students and teacher. Students meet weekly as a group with a mentor teacher and keep a journal. They also run classes on their own as the month progresses.
== Programs to be wary of ==