Students with body skills

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==Oral Skills==
[ Min Kim]
[ Mericos Rhodes]
===I can make steam come out of my mouth (even if I'm in a warm room)===
[ Andrei Baiu]
===I can curl my tongue into a W===
[ Tyler Auer]
[ Nathaniel Lim]
[[Katherine L. Dieber|Katy Dieber]]
[[Charles Frederick Shafer '10 | Charles Frederick Shafer]]
[ Michael Mara]
[ Will Harron]
[ Nina Oberman]
===Heck with that, my tongue can pick my nose===
[[Katherine L. Dieber|Katy Dieber]]
Meggie Nidever, '10
===I can turn my tongue so it's vertical instead of horizontal===
[[Ebonie Little]]
[ Cat Vielma]
===I can turn my tongue past vertical, until it's upside down===
[[Lynette Yorgey]]
[[Alex Albright]]
[[Joe Shoer]] (I thought everyone could)
Bonnie O'Keefe '09 (I thought everyone could too)
Ian Mitchell '09 (agreeing with the two guys above me. Also, can fold it upon itself horizontally and vertically)
[ Cat Vielma]
[ Daniel "pimpskillet" Bulaevsky] (Both hands, really really well)
[ Kenny Flax] (Both hands, really well, much better than daniel)
[[Amanda R. Van Rhyn | Amanda Van Rhyn]] can pull her thumb back to touch her forearm, which is almost as good.
Alex Weaver can, at least with her index finger
===Who can clap with one hand?===
[ Charlie Sellars] can.
==Other body skills==
===I can dislocate my...===
[ Bonnie O'Keefe] can dislocate her right hip.
[[Amanda R. Van Rhyn | Amanda Van Rhyn]] can dislocate her right shoulder. (Also, judging by the number of stupid body tricks she's signed up for, she might be a circus freak.)
Harsh Sodhi (Salmonella Typhi; Typhoid)
[[Category:Students]]Cat Vielma '09 (gangrene, hahahaha, no but really. it sucked.) Gregory Becker '15 (Lyme disease)