Hopkins Forest

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[ Here's the link to the Hopkins Memorial Forest]==How to Get ThereGetting there==
From the Williams Campus, go north on Route 7. Turn left on Bulkley Street (0.3 miles past the rotary); follow Bulkley Street for 0.75 miles until it ends at the junction with Northwest Hill Road. Turn right onto Northwest Hill Road. The entrance to the forest is 100 yards down the road and is marked by a wooden sign.
:Estimated walking time: 15-25 minutes
The Rosenburg Center is the main building just inside the entrance to the forest and hosts many of the events that take place in the forest. The Hopkins Memorial Forest sponsors many events throughout the year that are open to the public, usually for free, and are announced in the [[Daily Messages]] or by the CES listserve. Especially popular are the Hopkins Memorial Forest Fall Festival, with opportunities to participate in splitting wood, making apple cider, and touring the forest canopy, and Maple Sugar Days, when you can help make maple syrup. There are also opportunities to participate in banding owls, finding salamanders and frogs, and animal tracking.
==See also==
*The official [ Hopkins Forest Page] on the [[Center for Environmental Studies]] website.