Sage Hall

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{{stub}}[[Category:Student Housing 2.0]]Sage Hall, a freshman dormitory, was completed during the latter part of 1923. It it located on the south side of the [[Frosh Quad]], across from [[Williams Hall]].
Some like to say that all Halls are created equal. This is objectively untrue when the Halls in question are those of Sage Halland "Willy." In this case, a freshman dormitory, was completed during the former far exceeds the latter part . ==History== Sage Hall was constructed in 1923 as a mirror image of 1923Williams Hall. It it located on is a Georgian style building designed by Ralph Adams Cram. The building is named after Mrs. Russell Sage ==Interior== The primary difference between Sage and Willy is the flooring: Sage Hall's rooms consist of either linoleum or carpeting, while Willy has hardwood floors and the south side occasional carpeted room. There is a common room for every 5 or 6 students and a bathroom for every 10 or so. Bathrooms are coed. Sage consists of singles and doubles.  ==Student Life== Sage is the closest dorm to [[Frosh QuadParesky]]and very centrally located on campus. Even if some of its rooms are a little cramped, across from [[Williams Hall]]access to common rooms makes up for the occasional lack of space. Students often move their desks into their common rooms. Parties in Sage are affectionately refered to as "Sagers" and take place in students' common rooms or sometimes even in the basement of the building.