Killing As Organized Sport

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credited Danniel Arramini '84 for starting the tradition
A campus-wide game that takes place during Winter Study, Killing As Organized Sport (KAOS) is a proud Williams tradition (started by [[Danniel Arramini '84]] and associates) that brings students closer together through the magic of paranoia, assassination, and psychological warfare.
The basic idea of KAOS is simple. Each player receives a weapon and a target to hunt. Annoying constraints such as lawsuits and noise complaints from elderly Williamstown inhabitants prevent us from using actual firearms. These are replaced by silent, non-lethal plastic guns of dubious South-East Asian origin. In any case, each player is being hunted by another player. If you are killed by your hunter, you are out of the game. If you survive and make your kills, you live. Eventually, only one player remains.