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Do I look frightened? [[My Dad]] is construction on campus. Sometimes he's a [[Paresky Center|new student center]], sometimes the [[Stetson-Sawyer Project]], and sometimes a new [[strip club]], but no matter what he's always around, making you need a helicopter to get [[dinner points]]. How would your dad feel if his tuna melt [[sandwiches|sandwich]] got cold before he got home from the [[Snack Bar]] because my dad had fenced off the entire north side of [[Route 2]]? I would guess that he would feel terrible.
==December 2006==
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All Williams students and alumni are eligible to become one of a small “board” of people to direct and stimulate the development of Willipedia. Applications to <email></email> containing a short explanation of why you should be selected are due '''Monday, December 4'''.
See the [ WSO Annoucement] for more details.