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College Bowl Incorporated is the oldest [[College Bowl]] organization in the country, originally producing GE's radio and TV quiz bowl show hosted by Allen Ludden. Today, however, it lacks a major corporate sponsor for its regional and national tournaments. Its format, timed 8-minute halves with 10 points tossups and bonii worth 20-30 points, is essentially unchanged since its inception. While being the highest-scoring, fastest-paced, and least-predictable format, it is frequently criticized by current players for having prohibitively high costs (both for entry fees and for the intramural questions teams must purchase to qualify), for having too little academic content, for having questions that do not reward depth of knowledge, and for engaging in practices that sometimes are perceived as cheating or fradulent. Serious players who like its pace and emphasis on pop culture and current events typically favor [[NAQT]], while players looking for more academic rigor favor [[ACF]].