Daniel Rooney

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[[Category:Alumni]][[Category:Class of 2006]]Daniel Rooney was born on July 16th 1983 in South Bend, Indiana. He currently attends graduated from Williams College in 2006 where he is was a senior [[Philosophy]] Major and lives lived, in his senior year, in [[Thompson#Thompson 3rd Floor]]. He is also infamously known on the [[WSO Blogs]] as [[Buck Dharma]]. He started his Williams Career in Williams E, creating havoc at every turn and blinding the entry with brown and pink. He is also good friends with [[Evan Miller]] and the Pope.
Daniel Rooney played an excellent game of IM soccer in the championship round, 11/5/2006, but was sorely outclassed by a group of rowdy skallywags calling themselves the [[Nordic Ski Team]]. (note: alpine skiers may also have been involved)