Forest tent caterpillars

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==More information==
* [ US Forest Service site]
<googlemap lat="42.712792959940266" lon="-73.20383548736572" zoom="16" type="satellite" height="500">
42.712808726245186,-73.20517659187317,Tree in front of [[Morty]]'s house42.713045220338415,-73.20627093315125,Bit of sidewalk outside of Faculty House, just to the side of Park Street42.712075588829215,-73.20663571357727,[[Image:Caterpillar-covered lamppost outside Bronfman - May 2006.JPG|left|thumb|Transylvanian lamppost behind [[Bronfman]].]]42.71278507678631,-73.20323467254639,[[Image:Caterpillar-covered handrail outside Hopkins Hall - May 2006.JPG|left|thumb|Furry handrail at [[Hopkins Hall|Hopkins]].]]42.71499232078503,-73.20268213748932,[[Image:Rope of forest tent caterpillars between Sawyer and Mission - May 2006.JPG|right|thumbnail|Nothing But Caterpillars]]42.714913491993975,-73.20279479026794,[[Image:Bench on path from Chapin Library to Mission with caterpillars.JPG|right|thumbnail|Don't sit here]]42.71257223125078,-73.20311665534973,[[Image:Water bottle left by Hopkins with caterpillars.jpg|right|thumbnail|Don't drink out of this]]42.713210765667455,-73.20606172084808,[[Image:Branch outside Faculty House with caterpillars.jpg|right|thumbnail|Lilac bush covered in caterpillars]]42.714661239189766,-73.2090175151825,Tree in front of Police Station is covered with them, and they're hanging everywhere.42.712296319285,-73.20760130882263,North wall of JRC, electrical transformer and deciduous trees between JRC and Brooks House42.71246186661166,-73.20864200592041,Trees in back of Perry House. Also the volleyball net posts.42.71664770226656,-73.20166826248169,They hang down from the treetops all the way to road level at this intersection.42.714831,-73.203862,The Campus Mail Office = Worst Infestation Ever.42.71234756017138,-73.20483863353729,Large trees in front of west were completely covered.