Guide to Room Draw

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Let's collect some information about the room draw that's conducted every April. If you want to say something about a particular room, please click on the dorm and make a little heading on that page with the room number. See [[Thompson Hall]] for a good example. Information about size, noise, common spaces, and quirks would be especially useful. It would be neat if you also specified what pick number you had (and in which class) if you got the room. Also feel free to add information about floors and dorms.
If you'd like to put information about your cluster pick, go to the [[Cluster Pick 2006]] page.
* [[Dodd House]]
* [[Doughty House]] (co-op)
* [[East College]]
* [[Fayerweather Hall]]
* [[Fitch House]]
* [[Fort Hoosac/Taconic House]] (co-op)
* [[Gladden House]]
* [[Goodrich House]] (co-op)
* [[Mark Hopkins House]]
* [[Susan B. Hopkins House]] (co-op)
* [[Hubbell House]]
* [[Lambert House]] (co-op)
* [[Lehman Hall]]
* [[Mark Hopkins House]]
* [[Milham House]] (co-op)
* [[Mission Park]]* [[Armstrong]]* [[Dennett]] * [[Mills]] * [[PrattMorgan]]
* [[Parsons House]]
* [[Perry House]]